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  • 诚信

          The chinese name of  Wuhan Etern Optocom Technology Co., Ltd. Is wuhan YongDing Optocom Technology Co., Ltd.
          Ding is the symbol of bronze culture period in China. Ding was regarded as a national relic in ancient times , and it was a symbol of state and power,and it was also a ritual instrument for Record the credit of achievements.As an important Sacrificial utensils, tripod symbolizes unity and authority, and is a mascot representing peace, development and prosperity.
          The company will carry forward the enterprise spirit of "carrying credit in good faith, never-ending", adhere to the business philosophy of "unlimited communication, carrying forward the future", and create a "hundred year Wuhan Etern Optocom Technology Co.,Ltd." with good faith. Advocate the spirit and shape the first-class image of Wuhan Etern Optocom Technology Co.,Ltd.. The cultivation of enterprise spirit and the promotion of enterprise spirit should be regarded as the focus of the two civilization construction of the enterprise, and the enterprise spirit should run through the whole process of enterprise management, so as to become a strong spiritual power to motivate and unite all employees to work together and promote the high-quality development of the enterprise.

  • Sincerity

    "Carrying credit with sincerity, never ending" is the spirit of Wuhan Etern Optocom Technology Co.,Ltd., and also the banner guiding the establishment and development of Wuhan Etern Optocom Technology Co.,Ltd.. Wuhan Etern Optocom Technology Co.,Ltd. is based on the principle of "good faith, no deception, promise" and pursues the common value-added goal of shareholders, customers, employees, suppliers, partners and society.

  • Great kindness

    Wuhan Etern Optocom Technology Co.,Ltd. adheres to the goal of social responsibility of developing the company and serving the society. To achieve the growth of employees, customer satisfaction and reassurance of the government through the development of the company, promote economic development, society and blood. The company and its employees are enthusiastic about public welfare, abide by social morality, lead the good social fashion, and establish the corporate image of openness, enterprising, honesty and responsibility of the company.

  • Team

    In the construction of spiritual civilization, Wuhan Etern Optocom Technology Co.,Ltd. attaches great importance to the role of workers, youth and women. Trade union is the home of workers and the place where workers exercise democratic management power. Wuhan Etern Optocom Technology Co.,Ltd.'s trade union was formally established in 1987. At the workers' Congress held over the years after that, the workers' representatives offered suggestions and suggestions for the prosperity of the enterprise, enthusiastically proposed proposals, and gave full play to the role of democratic management.

  • Innovate

    Wuhan Etern Optocom Technology Co.,Ltd. deeply implements the innovation driven development strategy. It not only has a number of innovation platforms such as national enterprise technology center, postdoctoral research workstation and national CNAs approved laboratory, but also gathers high-level innovative talents. It adheres to R & D driven business, technology supported market, and takes independent R & D as the core development strategy. Relying on scientific and technological innovation, Wuhan Etern Optocom Technology Co.,Ltd. has advanced its layout, preempted R & D, and maintained its position as a leader in the industry with strong strength.